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Master Your CTF with Sparta

SPARTA is a GUI network penetration testing tool that easily coordinates and saves your reconnaissance and vulnerability scans. By default, many open source tools can be run against a target with a simple click and Sparta is also written in python which makes adding customized modules easy to develop.

SPARTA comes standard in the latest distro of kali or you can download it yourself with “apt-get install python-elixir” from your terminal. I cannot emphasize enough how useful this framework is for someone working through several hosts during events like the Offensive Security Certified Professional labs.

Some of the features I have used the most are:

  • Set a range of hosts to automatically run standard NMAP scans and NSE scripts
  • Run hydra to brute force or dictionary attack any login points
  • Checks default or re-used credentials
  • Run Enum4Linux on any SMB ports
  • Launch dirbuster on any HTTP(S) ports open
  • Run nikto on any HTTP(S) ports open
  • Screenshot any HTTP(S) ports open

Check out the developer site, http://sparta.secforce.com/ for any further questions and give a big thanks to Antonio Quina (@st3r30byt3) and Leonida Stavliotis (@lstavliotis) for developing this.

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