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A Little Background on Kellgon

“My primary goal of hacking was intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.” – Kevin Mitnick

Welcome to Kellgon! I built this website to contribute to the hacker community and help share some of the knowledge I’ve gained while working in the world of cybersecurity. I was fortunate to have some brilliant computer science instructors and mentors who provided me a tremendous education and a lifelong passion for this domain. I believe it is my mission to pay it forward to anyone who would like to learn.


Security News – Hacking and cyber security are regularly in headlines these days but most reporters have minimal real-world technical experience. Here we will try to write our own assessment of events with a deeper dive into the ‘how’ behind the story.

Hacking Tutorials – We try to write for the early beginner to learn and grow their skillset while providing enough examples and notes to provide a resource for intermediate users to review as resource.

Hacker Tools – Don’t reinvent the wheel or smash your face against the keyboard when a solution exists. Check out the short tutorials on the ever-growing list of open source tools